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30 September 1982
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My name is Kenneth Marcus Wilson, and I am a 24-year-old househusband, living on Elmendorf AFB near Anchorage, Alaska. I was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, and will likely always consider that to be my 'home'.

When I was 14 years old (January 19, 1997, in fact) I stumbled upon a website called the FurryMUCK Webstation, my first introduction to the fur fandom. I created a character, named him KensterFox (a combination of a childhood nickname and my favorite animal), and took my first steps into the fandom. Kenneth Michael Fox has evolved into a full-fledged alter-ego, and has his own life, including Genevive Fox, a wonderful red husky as his wife, with whom he has a beautiful infant daughter, Corinne.

I joined the US Air Force when I was 20, and served three years of a six-year enlistment (it seems we agreed that I was NOT a very good soldier). Although I'm no longer in the Air Force myself, I did meet a sweetheart of a girl while stationed at Sheppard AFB - I married her on July 3, 2004. I introduced her to the fandom, which wasn't terribly hard because of her interest in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. She also has a character on FurryMUCK, a fire-lizard named Kasia.

Sometime after KensterFox and Genevive began dating, she convinced him to attend a furry convention - Further Confusion 2006 - where she had volunteered her time every year. I went with Rose to the convention, and loved the experience. I signed up to be staff - Gaming Lead - for 2007, and Rose signed up as staff as well. Although Rose was unable to attend, we plan to continue to attend the conventions and serve as staff - I will be reprising my role as Gaming Lead in 2008.

South Florida, FurryMUCK, Rose, Genevive, Further Confusion. That's pretty much all of the major events in my life to relate. Politics and faith are both very important in my life - I am a free-market capitalist in the mold of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman, and the vast majority of my political and ideological standpoints stem from that. I was raised Southern Baptist, an affiliation I carry to this day, even as my beliefs have evolved as I grew older.
That's most of everything that is important in my life... oh, except I'm a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins. There, that should cover it all.